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What If That 4.6-Inch Display Isn't for the iPhone?



Apple Inc’s new iPhone will have a sharper and bigger 4.6-inch “retina” display and is set to be launched around the second quarter, a South Korean media reported on Thursday.

This rumor has some traction because of the vast number of Android phones at there with massive screens — the belief that makes rumors like this credible is that Apple has to release something at this size to compete in the marketplace. These bigger-screen rumors also seem to pop up perennially. But, as John Gruber points out, this seems unlikely:

Lots of attention on this rumor, but no one seems to be pointing out that if it’s true, this new iPhone would need way more pixels than the current 960 × 640 iPhone display. That means every app in the App Store would need to be redesigned/resized. For this reason and others, I say it’s bullshit.

One of the other important reasons an iPhone with a 4.6-inch screen doesn’t make sense is the inability to access the entire screen with one hand — which is one of the most important design considerations of the iPhone.

But here’s one way this rumor could be sorta true. What if it wasn’t for the iPhone, but the iPod touch? Forget the Retina display as well. But a 4.6 inch screen with a 960x640 resolution would have 250 pixels per inch. Not quite Retina quality, based on Apple’s moving target, but definitely better than the first few generations of the iPod touch which delivered 163 pixels per inch.1

One-handed use isn’t a consideration that’s as important with an iPod touch — a device, that whenever I see it in the real world, is almost always being held with two hands to play a game. As a general purpose gaming and entertainment device — which is what the iPod touch is — this makes a lot more sense. A 4.6-inch screen would would put it up there with the Playstation Vita (never mind the Nintendo 3DS, which the iPod touch is already bigger than) and have a much higher resolution than those devices. And from a competitive standpoint, the Vita — and devices like it — are also the most likely to draw customers away from the iPod touch market.

A device like this would be very interesting and even more disruptive to the gaming market. Clearly the current 3.5-inch screen on the iPod touch hasn’t held back its success in any way, but I think there could be something here.

  1. I’ve tried to figure out if there were any manufacturing/engineering reasons this couldn’t be done, but haven’t found anything definitive either way. 


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Best served full screen with headphones.

a short documentary by Stephen Diaz and Jason Burkholder
Stephen: - - @steezdiaz
Jason: - @jtburkholder


Thank you to everyone who helped us make this project happen! It was truly a life changing, awe inspiring, thought provoking trip.

Thank you OneHope for giving us the opportunity to tell these stories! -

Thank you Jacob Montague for letting us use “this is not a piano” off FlyOn! -

Thank you Ben Cooper of Radical Face for letting us use “Always Gold” off The Family Tree! -

Thank you for always providing great music for people like us!

Thank you Ubabalo for taking us all over Cape Town and letting us tell your story -

Could a community near you use a program like Ubabalo? -

Most of all thank you God for being in complete control of this trip. If we hadn’t lost that footage we would never have produced a video of this caliber. You make all things good, even when they don’t seem that great at first. Thank you for the gifts you have blessed us with, may they be used for your glory and not our own for the rest of our lives.


Equipment Used:
Canon 60D (2)
Tokina 11-16mm
Canon 135mm L
Sigma 28mm
Opteka 6.5mm
Konova Slider
Glidecam HD4000
Rode Video Mic Pro
Rode Lavalier
Zoom H4
Various Filters

Filmed in four days.
Edited in Final Cut Pro and Motion in seven days.


inFocus S.Africa - Reaching a Generation (link coming soon)
inFocus S.Africa - Doxa Deo (link coming soon)

iPhoto For iPad?



Apple will announce its next iPad this week. It will have a better CPU, a better camera, and a magnificent new screen. While that’s all cool, I’m secretly more excited about another announcement: the software they’ll demo with the iPad 3. Every announcement of iOS hardware has included new…

Great thoughts by Neven Mrgan about possible new photo software to launch alongside the new iPad. There have been whispers for a long time about iPhoto for iOS. As far as I can tell, it’s a real project, but has been more of an iPad thing than an iPhone thing. So this is certainly possible. It’s a matter of timing.



We’re preparing the controllers for the upcoming Playtime - Video Game mythologies exhibit at the Swiss Museum of Science Fiction in Yverdon (Switzerland). In this case, we will feature only the “official” joypads, which is already quite big. This portion of the collection will be part of a section called “Bodies and Minds”:

Joysticks and game pads have been the traditional interface between the player and the avatar, the thread that entangles both bodies. In recent years, though, both the video game industry and independent artists and researchers have presented new innovative ways to strengthen the role of the body in game interaction. From Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Kinect to more experimental corporal interfaces that play with notions of control and even pain, the future of game interaction will, no doubt, involve our flesh and skin in unexpected ways.

The opening is March 12, please come say hi!


Finally finished my Adventure Time project!! I hope you guys like it. 

Copied from my post on reddit.

“Long story short, I’m making a “game intro” for an imaginary 8bit Adventure Time game.  Mostly just for fun, learning pixel art and animation, while showing some love to one of the greatest cartoons ever made.  

I started out just wanting to make 8bit Finn and Jake, then one of my coworkers suggested taking it a bit further… So I made a wallpaper. Then making it look like a “PRESS START” screen was suggested, So I went there.  He then said “why not animate it? with different areas!” and it has spiraled out of control now… “

Character Art!

BG Art!

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